If you cherish your loyal animal companions, if you are concerned about the condition of Earth and the quality of the world's food supply, if your imagination can soar to mystical places, or if you have belief not only in the great spirit of mankind but also in the spirit of the creature kingdom, this is a must-read story that you will never forget!

A Cosmic Tale of Choices . . .

If you were told that your life depended upon a winged insect weighing 1/300th of an ounce, would you believe it? Would you care?

What is happening to the honeybees? Colony Collapse Disorder, the baffling disappearance of entire hives of honeybees, remains a global mystery and contributes to the declining population of the greatest pollinators on Earth – the pollinators responsible for sustaining almost a third of the world’s food supply. For how long can honeybees co-exist with the disharmony between man and Earth?

What about our beloved animal companions? When our darling dogs and cats gaze into our eyes with abounding joy, do they see us with an amazing awareness that we have yet to understand? Is the creature kingdom attempting to communicate their silent struggle?

When the Animals Vanished – a tale of five dogs, along with two dedicated environmental biologists, a cantankerous business tycoon, a wise grandmother and her intuitively-gifted sister, brought together by a dying woman’s last wish, all who grapple with inner whisperings when faced with mankind’s fumbled attempts to manipulate Earth’s ecosystem.

Will history be written by financial influence or by our glorious inner-knowing? Embrace or dismiss this story as you wish, but only your inner-voice can decide where fiction ends and fact begins in this astonishing tale about man, Earth, and the creature kingdom.


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Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars wrote:
". . . I can't put your book down. I love it . . . You are a terrific writer. On so many levels you are enriching our society . . . reminders for us all to feel tapped in to ourselves and our earth .. . . and of course, our animals.  I love your writing . . . Your characters are beautiful."